Portable & Temporary Lights Rope Lights & Accessories

Portable & Temporary Lights
Job sites and construction areas are well lit with temporary string lighting and sockets. Distribution floods, lamp type halogens, lamp heads and voltage are some of the varieties of temporary lighting. Cord lights, HID & CFL lighting and incandescent lights are examples of temporary lighting fixtures. Portable lighting solutions have been created to provide safe and well-lit work areas in a variety of industrial environments.

Rope Lights & Accessories
Rope lights are hot items that are frequently used by decorators and installers to provide affordable accent lighting. Rope light is made of flexible PVC tubing with lights on the interior, it can be used for indoor and outdoor décor in virtually any place that could be made more beautiful and festive with lighting. Rope light accessories consist of light clips, connectors, controllers, power cords and more.