Ceiling Frame Flange Kit Lamp Guard
Lamp Holders Fixture Lens
Mounting Accessory Lamp Starter
Lens Diffuser

Ceiling Frame Flange Kit
Flange kits are extruded aluminum frames that act as individual fixture T-Bar frames to support the weight of any G (grid) trim recessed fixture in drywall or plaster ceilings. Kits snap together without the use of tools. They are hung by tie wire (by others) from the ceiling support structure.

Lamp Guard
Lamp guards’ main purpose is to guard bulbs to prevent breakage. Lamp guards can be perfect for home improvement. Frost offers many styles at great prices. Lamp guards can be either metal or plastic. They guard the lights on your temporary and string lighting.

Lamp Holders
A lamp holder is a device for securing a lamp to its support; specifically, a socket or holder fitted with electric terminals, into which the top of the glass globe of an incandescent lamp is fitted or from which it hangs. Frost offers an extensive line of lamp holder devices that offer a variety of materials for a wide range of incandescent and fluorescent applications.

Fixture Lens
A fixture lens is a piece of glass or other transparent substance that has two curved surfaces or one plane and one curved. It regularly brings together or the spreading rays of light passing through it. A lens or combination of lenses is used in optical instruments, eyeglasses, etc. to form an image.

Mounting Accessory
Mounting is broadly defined as a frame or support, such as, “an artillery piece that rests in service” or “an attachment for an accessory.” Basic mounting accessories are offered and provide a wide range of easy-to-use one-piece mounting accessories that are designed to save installation time.

Lamp Starter
Lamp starters are used in several types of fluorescent lights. The starter is there to help the lamplight. The starter allows current to flow through the filaments at the ends of the tube. The current causes the starters contacts to heat up and open, thus interrupting the flow of current. The tube lights. Since the lighted fluorescent tube has a low resistance, the ballast now serves as a current limiter.

Lens Diffuser
A lens diffuser is any device that diffuses or spreads out or scatters light in some matter, to give soft light. Diffuse light can be easily obtained by making light to reflect diffusely from a white surface, while more compact optical diffusers may use translucent objects, and can include ground glass diffusers, Teflon diffusers, holographic diffusers, opal glass diffusers and greyed glass diffusers.