Complete System Kit Housing/ Frame-In Kit
Modules Shower Light/Wet Location
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Complete System Kit
The lighting system of a building refers to the general form(s) used to project light within its rooms. The various types of lighting system express where and how lighting is mounted or installed. The choice of lighting system generally affects the quality and usability of interior spaces to a great extent.

Housing/ Frame-In Kit
Housing/Frame-In Kits include the following: a mounting frame, trim clips, junction box, mounting system, ballast, socket and socket housing. These products use full reflector style trims. Housing/Frame-In Kits are rated for branch circuit wiring. Housing/Frame-In Kits are UL and CUL listed. These kits are perfect for damp locations.

Modules have been thought of as a way to develop products faster in the electronics industry, whether the application at hand was a computer or an LED-based luminaire. Larger Tier 1 companies have tended to design their own light engines for each product, whereas smaller companies were more likely to choose a module to hasten the development process.

Shower Light/Wet Location
Shower location lights are placed in an exterior or interior location that is subjected to condensation of moisture in, on, or adjacent to, electrical equipment and includes partially protected locations. Wet locations are locations in which water or other liquid can drip, splash or flow on or against electrical equipment. A wet location fixture is constructed to prevent the accumulation of water on live parts, electrical components or conductors that are not identified for use in contact with water.

A surface-mounted fixture is a fixture that is attached to a recessed junction box, extending from the finished ceiling. Wall-mounted fixtures can be used to provide task lighting or to add a general light to an area.

Recessed lighting trim usually comes in the standard baffle in black or white, which is the most popular. They are made to absorb extra light and create a crisp architectural appearance. There are cone trims that produce a low-brightness aperture. Multipliers are offered which are designed to control the omnidirectional light from A style incandescent light bulbs and compact fluorescents.