3-3/4" Frame-In Kit 4" Housing & Trims
4- 1/4" Housing & Trims 5" Housing & Trims
6" Housing & Trims
Shower Light/Wet Location Trim Rings

3-3/4" Frame-In Kit
A 3-3/4 Frame-In Kit is CSA certified for direct contact with thermal insulation. Internal thermal cut-out insures against overheating due to incorrect lamping. The integral cable clamp permits attachment of non metallic Loomex without the need for additional connectors. There is an internal thermal cut-out that insures against overheating due to incorrect lamping.

4" Housing & Trims
They are designed for ceilings with 2x6 joist construction, such as between floors or between ceiling joists in the attic space, but can also be used in 2x8 construction. They are suitable or non-IC use where there is no insulation in a ceiling or insulation is at least 3 away from housing.

4- 1/4" Housing & Trims
4-1/4 Housing & Trims are thermally protected for recessed housing. They are for fast installation in existing plaster or mechanical ceilings from to 1-1/2 in thickness. There is a junction box that is provided with conduit knockouts. The fixture is UL Listed for through-branch circuit wiring and damp location use.

5" Housing & Trims
5 Housing & Trims are vertically adjustable to accommodate up to a 1-in ceiling thickness. The lamp wattage ratings and apertures are based on the trim style selected. This product is UL Listed, C-UL/CSA certified for through-branch wiring.

6" Housing & Trims
6 Housing & Trim is used for incandescent lamps. Housing is the fixture itself that is installed inside the ceiling and contains the lamp holder. The trim is the visible portion of the light.

6-3/4 Housing & Trims
The housing is a hydro-formed aluminum and it can be either perma white or a polished brass trim flange. The housing is of a die-formed, one piece aluminum that provides horizontal rotation and vertical adjustment. It is of non-yellowing material that is a scruff-resistant Perma-White.

Shower Light/Wet Location
Shower location lights are placed in an exterior or interior location that is subjected to condensation of moisture in, on, or adjacent to, electrical equipment and includes partially protected locations. Wet locations are locations in which water or other liquid can drip, splash or flow on or against electrical equipment. A wet location fixture is constructed to prevent the accumulation of water on live parts, electrical components or conductors that are not identified for use in contact with water.

Trim Rings
Trim rings are made from automotive grade stainless steel. They have a durable finish that resists extreme temperature and corrosion. They are designed for quick and easy installation. There is a metal clip retention system. They can be bought in packs.

Accessories are what help recessed lighting to function. Some examples are an emergency battery pack, duct adaptor, surface mount housing, and a remodel frame-in.